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Mustafa Ayaz


One of the prominent names in Contemporary Turkish Art, Mustafa Ayaz was born in 1938 in the village of Kabataş, district of Çaykara, at the province of Trabzon. His childhood which coincided with the crisis ridden years of the Second World War was spent struggling with poverty and the diseases. He first got the opportunity to go to school at the age of ten when he started to develop an interest in art. In 1953, he entered the Pulur Village Teacher’s School at the province of Erzurum. In the last year of the Secondary School he drew the attention of his teachers and was suggested that he should take the entrance examination to the Art Seminar of the Primary Teacher’s School at Çapa, Istanbul. He took the entrance examination and was successful. It was as early as then, when his course was determined. That course was to lead him to art. In 1959 he graduated from Çapa Primary Teacher’s School. After one year of teaching, he entered the Art Department of Gazi Teacher’s Training College and graduated in 1963.  In the three years that followed, he taught art and headed the workshop at the Çorum Primary Teacher’s School. In 1966 he passed the examination for assistantship at the Art Department of Gazi Teacher’s Training College and taught art here until 1984 when he transferred to the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Hacettepe and retired in 1987. Having acquired the title of professorship in that same year he was appointed to the Faculty of Fine Arts of Bilkent University where, at the beginning of 1988 he resigned. Since then he has continued working in his own atelier.

He has held over sixty exhibitions in Turkey and received nineteen awards. He participated in a multitude of biennials and joint exhibitions in India, Kuwait, Egypt, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Belgium, France, U.S. of America, England, Algeria and Germany. Over 400 of his works have found their way into collections abroad and close to 4000 are kept in domestic collections.




2009      Ankara Rotary Club, Occupational Service Award

2009      Sanat Kurumu, Special Jury Award

2008      Hacettepe University, 2008–2009 Academic Year, Art Award

2008      Sanat Kurumu, 2006-2007 Year’s Best Artists in Painting.

2007      Artforum, Mustafa Ayaz Mus. and Cult. Cent.-Found. Honor Awd

2007      Çağsav Honor Award.

2005      EgeArt, Art Fair Award.

1999      Hacettepe University, 1998-1999 Academic Year Art Award.

1988      2nd Award, Memorial Contest for the 400th year of Mimar Sinan.

1986      Incentive Awd, the Turkish Oil Co., Inc. (TPAO) Painting Cont.

1983      Incentive Award, Meteksan Design Contest.

1983      Incentive Award, 44th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition.

1982      Mention, DYO Painting Contest.

1980      41st State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Incentive Award.

1977      Incentive Award at DYO Painting Contest.

1975      Incentive Award at DYO Painting Contest.

1973      Inc. Awd. at Cont. for the 50th Year of the Foun. of the Rep.

1972      34. State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Incentive Award.

1971      33. State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition 2nd Award

1971      TRT Art Award.

1969      2nd Mention at Painting Contest for Youngs.

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